Член Международного Художественного Фонда, Творческого Союза Художников России, Международной федерации художников ЮНЕСКО, Профессионального союза художников России. Автор книг “ДРЕВО ЖИЗНИ” (2012), “ЗВЕЗДНЫЕ ДЕВУШКИ” (2011). Создатель направления ART & Dream – соединение сна, мечты и реальности.

ARTIST ELENA ILYINA determines her art trend as ART&DREAM. Author of the «STAR GIRLS» book. Her art is a magic combination of dreams in imaginary reality. Member of the International Art Fund. Artist’s deep comprehension of woman inner life allows to turn consciousness to eternal dialogue between Creator and nature, to touch supreme existence sphere, to feel Life, Love and Eternity. Elena works in author’s mixed painting technique where various materials in certain parities are applied: as a basis – relief pastes (acryle), paints (acryle/oil), mosaic gold or mosaic gold imitation. Also one of the favourite materials applied by Elena in her early works is pastel.


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